Who We Serve

Using our unique process, Roadmap for an Abundant Life™, we help individuals and families build a legacy to stand the test of time and create abundance for generations to come. As Wealth Management Advisors and thought leaders in this area, we understand the complexities that come with accumulating, preserving and transferring substantial wealth. Our process is designed to help individuals and families in all stages of life, including widows/widowers, medical professionals, pre-retirees, and retirees.


Everyone’s experience of loss is unique, but the emotional turbulence that widows & widowers face comes as a natural part of grieving. As difficult as this experience may be, with our guidance, the widow or widower can emerge with a new invigorated life.

Medical Professionals

We find that medical professionals are typically concerned with maintaining their hectic workload and are looking for solutions to make work “optional”. We advise medical professionals on the benefits of both qualified and non-qualified retirement savings plans which can go a long way to making work optional.


Transitioning into retirement and maintaining a financially healthy retirement can be a challenge. Using our unique process, we help clients determine when to begin Social Security and how to generate retirement income while preserving their wealth.