Frank’s Flash Reports

Each month, Frank Mokosak, CFP®, shares timely Flash Reports with the latest in financial & investment strategies; as well as education on how the affluent build & maintain wealth. Below is a list of Frank’s Flash Reports. Please browse the reports and click on any link to learn more about that topic.


  • The Super Rich’s Three Big Fears & How They Work to Overcome Them
    In our experience working with the Super Rich—people with a net worth of at least $500 million—we find 3 general fears they tell us they struggle with. Here are some ways they combat those fears.
  • Family playing football.Playing the Long Game
    In this issue of the Flash Report, we discuss the concept of "Playing the Long Game." If you're not sure what that is, or if you aren't sure how to achieve your "long game" goals, let's talk!
  • Four Ways the Super Rich Manage Their Wealth
    The self-made Super Rich—people with a net worth of at least $500 million that they built through their own hard work—often possess a treasure trove of knowledge, insights and actionable strategies that the rest of us can adopt in our own lives to enhance our success.
  • Work Smarter – Not Harder
    Each of us has just 168 hours per week to accomplish our tasks and goals—at work, at home and out in the world. If you feel like you spend too much of that time on things that don’t add value to your life, you’re not alone.
  • Estate Planning: Don’t Forget Your Pet!
    If you are part of the 68 percent of U.S. households that own a pet*, you probably think of it as a true member of the family—one you love and cherish. But what would happen to that cherished family member if you were to die suddenly?
  • Three Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Life Insurance
    Life insurance can be an extremely important, even essential, part of your financial plan. But navigating the life insurance landscape can be tricky—and people often make costly mistakes.
  • The Power of Charitable Remainder Trusts
    It’s important to engage in smart philanthropy by using certain tools and strategies that can help you have a much bigger charitable impact than you otherwise could—while simultaneously enhancing your own financial flexibility.
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  • Sudden Wealth
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  • Qualified Opportunity Funds
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